Past Events

November 18, 2020 Inland Empire Estate Planning Seminar
October 27, 2020 Tax Implications and Planning Opportunities in Light of Covid and the Elections
Erik Hendrickson, ChFC Senior Vice President & Senior Wealth Advisor, Northern Trust, Los Angeles Brandon Frandsen, MS Accountancy Wealth Advisor, Northern Trust, San Francisco
September 22, 2020 Pomona Valley EPC September 2020 Meeting
Gaby Romero; Cynthia Stauffer; Dee Ann Estupinian; Carol Bradford
June 23, 2020 Pomona Estate Planning Council Year End Social
May 26, 2020 Pomona Estate Planning Council Meeting
April 28, 2020 Pomona Estate Planning Council Meeting
March 24, 2020 Pomona Estate Planning Council Meeting
February 25, 2020 Pomona Estate Planning Council Meeting
Attorney Carlos Arcos
January 28, 2020 Pomona Estate Planning Council Meeting
Mr. Joe Higgins
November 13, 2019 40th Annual Inland Empire Estate Planning Seminar
October 22, 2019 Pomona Estate Planning Council Meeting
Harris Koenig
September 24, 2019 Planning for Clients with Special Needs
Phillip Roitman, J.D., LL.M. (Taxation)
January 24, 2017 Property Tax : Changes in Ownership Law for Estate Planners
Mr. Gregory R. Broege
October 25, 2016 Ernie Cooper of VLS
Ernie Cooper
September 27, 2016 TBD
Mr. Joe Higgins
February 24, 2015 An Update on Business Valuation Issues
John Glenn of the Mentor Group
November 28, 2012 Inland Empire Estate Planning Seminar
October 23, 2012 An Asset Protection Primer
Jeffrey R Matsen
April 24, 2012 Annuity Fraud from a DA's perspective
Sara E. Stockwell
March 27, 2012 Dementia and capacity decision making
Dr. Stacey Wood
February 28, 2012 Understanding Social Security
Suzanne Christian
January 24, 2012 War Stories from the IRS Criminal Investigations
Richard Speier Jr.
September 27, 2011 Family Jewels - Valuation, Distribution and Disposal of Jewelry
Cindy Calderon C.G.
June 10, 2011 Year End Social
April 26, 2011 Estate Tax Law Update
Jane Peebles
March 22, 2011 Internet Marketing in 2011
Christopher Suchanek - CEO Firm Media
February 22, 2011 Strangers in Paradise and What to Do About Them
Michael Karlin
January 25, 2011 The Reallocation of Global Assets: Reason for Optimism
Michael J. Ling, CFP®
November 10, 2010 Inland Empire Estate Planning Conference
October 26, 2010 Introduction to Leimburgh
Joanna Averett
September 28, 2010 Help Your Clients Get Organized: A Win for the Client, A Win for the Advisor.
Gary M. O'Neill, JD, CLU, ChFC
May 25, 2010 Estate Tax Planning in 2010
April 27, 2010 FDIC's bank resolution process
Joe Hawkes, FDIC
March 23, 2010 Fraud War Stories
David Wall
February 23, 2010 Global Wealth Planning with an update on the Estate Tax Law...if any!
Tim Voorhees
January 26, 2010 Not Specified
Honorable Cynthia Ludvigsen
October 27, 2009 Protecting Fiduciary Liability in ILIT’s
Frank M. Campbell, CLU, ChFC
September 22, 2009 Family Limited Partnerships and LLCs in Estate Planning
Philip M. Savage, IV
May 26, 2009 Social Security Myths and Realities
Robert Hartnett, Public Affairs Specialist
April 28, 2009 Dealing With Survivors: Emotions and Expectations
Professional Panel Moderated By Jim Heitman
March 24, 2009 Estate Planning Sliders
E. Lawrence Brock of Brock Law Offices
February 24, 2009 Estate Planning Council Meeting
January 27, 2009 Economic Update
Mr. Gregory Hess
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